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Customer Reviews

Steve B., Webster Groves, MO:

Dede, I want to thank you for your assistance and follow up on my past questions. My new computer is working perfect. Not only was Jeff a true professional but very personable and quite informative. A great value to your team. You guys do a wonderful job, and I will continue to promote the excellent service you provide.

Ann H., Ladue, MO:


Carolyn L., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, I want to thank you for sending Jeff to my house today. He helped so much getting my new computer and printer up and running. He was patient and explained all my questions. I very much appreciated his help.

Bud B., Chesterfield, MO:

Betty June and I both got the best computer service anyone could ask for. We LOVE Jeff!

Barb U., Creve Coeur, MO:

Dede, Jeff just left and I am up and running!! He is the BEST and so very nice. Funny, too! Don’t ever let him go! Thanks for helping me so many times. I seriously don’t know what I would do without you and Jeff.

Mark E., Chesterfield, MO:

Hi Dede, the guy you sent out is Awesome! (Jeff) I just really like him and wanted you to know that.

Terri K., Kirkwood, MO:

I called regarding my PC and spoke with DeeDee. What a great experience! Highly recommend…

Yvette S., St. Louis, MO:

Hello Dede, I am writing to compliment the excellent service Brian provided during my training session with him. He was punctual, polite, patient and professional while explaining and showing me how to sell online. I have sought similar services with other companies, in the past, with little to no results. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised this training session actually got me set up and I am selling online! Again, thanks for the excellent service. I look forward to working with Computer Tutors again soon.

Sissy T., Creve Coeur, MO:

Dede, I wish there were more companies like yours! You really do a fabulous job. Thanks for all you do!

Janie H., Town and Country, MO:

Dede, Jeff is amazing!! I am so happy!! He fixed everything !! I might need to see him again with some follow up questions but he is great! Thank you! I’ll be seeing a lot of him!

Sheila H., Oakville, MO:

Dede, I’m calling you with a big smile on my face because Sanford was absolutely wonderful!! He fixed my TV, he fixed my printer, he even fixed the stove!! He is just terrific—send him out any time! Thanks again Dede.

Theresa W., Webster Groves, MO:

Dede, I texted Sanford on Sunday to check out my Bluetooth problem. He remoted in right away – on Sunday!! – and took care of it. What service!!! We were so grateful.

Mary Ann V., Wildwood, MO:

Oh my Gosh, Jeff is – well, I asked him if he could come live with me and he said “I have to ask my Mom!” I cannot praise Jeff enough! He has my son and my husband too as big, big fans! He is so fantastic! Thank you so much for him! I just wanted you to know that I’m so grateful for him. Thank you so much!

Bonnie B., Ballwin, MO:

Jeff is so special! He has so much patience plus a great sense of humor. It’s such a true pleasure to work with both of you.

Arlene N., Chesterfield, MO:

Hello DeDe, Thank you so very much for sending Jeff to resolve my email issue. He is so knowledgeable. I really appreciate his expertise. He explains everything so very clearly. I was truly impressed with his patience as he answered my multitude of questions regarding email and other areas of concern with my iPad. I will certainly be recommending you and Jeff to my friends. It is so comforting to know you are there to help those of us who are not tech savvy.

Christy and Bill P., Creve Coeur, MO:

Dede, Jeff is wonderful – but you know that! We’re so excited about these ROKUs. He’s just so doggone dear and helpful – we love him!

Glen D., Webster Groves, MO:

Dede, Thanks for working me in today — it was a life saver. Jeff was terrific. He solved problems I didn’t even know I had. Great service. Use me as a reference if you like.

Shawn M., St. Louis, MO:

Dede, the tech you sent last week (Sanford)–that guy is AWESOME! In fact, I need him again because I messed something up…..

Bud & Betty B., Chesterfield, MO:

Jeff is always GREAT! We are so very grateful of his knowledge and efficiency in assisting us with our computers. Any problem we have Jeff always has a complete and quick fix.

Gina R., Ladue, MO:

Dede, please tell Jeff he was absolutely delightful to work with yesterday. Many thanks, Gina.

Kathy & Scott J., Chesterfield, MO:

Hey Dede, we just wanted to let you know what a great job Jeff does in working with people. He’s so knowledgeable and patient. We’re really excited to have found you guys!!

Susie W., Town and Country, MO:

Thank you, Dede! Jeff is the BEST!

Barbara H., St. Louis City, MO:

He (Jeff) was so patient and friendly. I can’t wait til our next appt. thank you, Dede

Sherry M., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede I just wanted to call and tell you that Brian did a job way beyond expectation. I’m so happy I can’t even explain how he did everything. He was just spectacular! I love your business!

Nicki M., Olivette, MO:

Jeff was terrific yesterday…competent and so nice and helpful. Thank you, Dede.

Ardeth M., Ballwin, MO:

Jeff is just so Helpful in every way! Thanks!!

Marta P., University City, MO:

Dede, just a little something to let you know how much we appreciate the help you’ve given us! (accompanied by a large candle in a gift bag).

Jordan C., Ladue, MO:

Great job, Jeff. You are the best! Thank you. Warm regards, Jordan

Sister Paulette W., St. Louis, MO:

Brian deserves an A+++. He helped organize some of the chaos on my lap top… AND fixed my TV so that I can now access my favorite Channel 9. He made my day! Thank you so much!!

Sherry M., Chesterfield, MO:

Thank you again, DeeDee! You are truly THE BEST!!

Dr. Stephen W., Ladue, MO:

Great job Jeff! Very efficient.

Kerry C., Chesterfield, MO:

Jeff was just WONDERFUL yesterday!! Thank you very much, Dede.

Jeannie S., Weldon Spring, MO:

Brian is amazing.

Kathryn L., St. Louis City, MO:

Jeff was so patient and did a great job. Thank you so much, Dede.

Ken P., U City, MO:

Enjoyed working with Brian Smith. Very helpful in explaining things.

Connie L., Clayton, MO:

Dede, thanks for great customer service for so many years now! Big hugs, Connie.

Marge H., Sunset Hills, MO:

Jeff Bannister – Superstar!! Hi Dede, I just wanted you to know how happy my husband and I were with Jeff when he came to help solve our problem with moving our computer wiring last Thursday. He was so helpful and informative in explaining the installation of our new Netgear mesh system. He was such a pleasure to work with. I look forward to having him come back to help with the set-up when I get my new computer. On a scale of 1 to 10, he’s a 20!

Sean M., Ladue, MO:

Jeff was so helpful—I’ve been spreading the word. He was just terrific! Please put me on the schedule for every 6 months.

Cherie T., Ladue, MO:

Dede I just wanted to tell you that Jeff was absolutely delightful. He was just great and I’m sure I’ll need him again, soon!

Bud B., Chesterfield, MO:

Jeff is really great to work with. He answers questions in a way you can understand. He was able to answer every question we had. And he fixed our computer! A customer could ask for nothing more.

Sterling E., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, I just wanted to call and tell you that Jeff did a tremendous job. He was just super! Please let him know that and I’ll call you with the next issue.

Ellen F., Webster Groves, MO:

Thanks for always, always being there for us, Dede. We really mean it – we couldn’t live (or work) without you! Thanks a bunch.

Cindy S. PhD, St. Louis City, MO:

Hey Didi (sp?)—Brian came over and he’s super helpful and utterly fantastic! Thank you soooo much!! 😊

Nancy C., Creve Coeur, MO:

Jeff was fabulous! We got so much accomplished – I’m so happy! Thanks so much, Dede

Judy P., Clayton, MO:

Jeff is indeed fantastic. He did the most amazing job with Dick’s hymn singing video. Dick was so grateful. And you have saved us once again. And, We are thrilled to have Netflix running and all else thank you thank you Dede soooo much.

Brendan B., St. Louis, MO:

What can I say except Brian was great. I got a new pc but it didn’t work, I thought for sure I would take it back but he found out what was the problem and he made it work! And it was great. Thanks! It was great.

Prof. Bill V G., University City, MO:

Dede, you got a real good one there—Jeff was great! We really enjoyed meeting and working with him.

Kathy J., Kirkwood, MO:

Hey Dede, I just wanted to tell you that my General Manager had really high praise for Jeff – he thought he was knowledgeable, really easy to work with and he definitely wants to work with him on all future projects. You don’t know my General Manager but it’s really hard to get high praise out of him! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and we’ll be in touch.

Craig D., Kirkwood, MO:

Dede, just wanted to call…we were very, very pleased with the service that Jeff provided. He’s terrific and really very helpful. I just wanted to let you know that we’ll look forward to having more service from your company in the future. He’s very, very good – we’re very pleased with your company and your service.

Jane D., Creve Coeur, MO:

Jeff did an exemplary job. He’s terrific and very patient.

Deb D., Webster Groves, MO:

Jeff did an excellent job. He’s very patient and not at all like the IT guys at my company! I was very impressed!

Ann L., Chesterfield, MO:

Jeff is great! I’d have him back anytime! He did everything on my whole check list. Thanks so much, Dede.

Theresa W., Webster Groves, MO:

“Good morning, Dede,
Hope you are well.  Well – we finally did it – switched from AT&T (yuck!) to Spectrum.  This would not have happened without Sanford.  Like he promised, he made the transition easy.  Spectrum actually has customer service, unlike AT&T.  But he, as you know, is even more amazing.  Sanford was able to get our built in sound system to work.  AND, he connected Bluetooth to my Spotify playlist.  The music is simply amazing and brings us such joy.  Sanford is also helping us with a 2nd TV, since Philip cannot be in the room where I am working on Zoom.  Change is so difficult, but everything Sanford is doing has improved our lives.  We are so grateful for all of the excellent service.”

Debbie P., Kirkwood, MO:

Jeff is just such a good teacher—and he’s so patient!

Terry C., Town and Country, MO:

Jeff really is terrific. He really did a good job and he’s so patient.

Cindy M., Creve Coeur, MO:

Hi Dede, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Jeff’s expertise yesterday. I feel much better about our computer situation and I will definitely call again when I need you all.

Bud B., Denver, CO:

Jeff was absolutely terrific!  He fixed every little thing—he’s so patient and he’s so good. He’s so much better than <previous employee>. I’m really happy.  Dede, please use me as a reference.  Thanks again.

Sherry M., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, when I click PRINT it prints!! Thank you so much for bringing and installing this new printer. I’m so happy!

Harriet E., University City, MO:

Enjoy this flower arrangement, Dede, and thank you for being my computer Angel. You all are the absolute best, and I appreciate all your help so very much Love, Harriet.

Dr. Don B., Ladue, MO:

Jeff was great! I need him to come to my office now, too!

Harriet E., University City, MO:

Jeff is fabulous!! He did so many things to help me – I am HUGELY relieved! Thanks again for your quick response and arranging for him to come tonight! -So grateful for you and to him. He’s lovely, helpful, calm and explains things clearly. What a gem!

Hana A., Creve Coeur, MO:

Absolutely everything is great about this company–Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness! This is an amazing service. Best I have worked with!

Larry D., Des Peres, MO:

Dede, I was really impressed with Jeff…he did a great job!

Ann H., Ladue, MO:

Jeff is terrific—he is absolutely terrific! He fixed all my problems so thank you and I’m glad to know he’s in my corner when I need him!

Bill S., Chesterfield, MO:

Jeff was extraordinary! He was so patient, so personable, he took the time to explain everything so we could understand it. He did such a great job—we’re super happy!

Kay Z., Town and Country, MO:

Dede, I just wanted to tell you personally how much I appreciated and thought that Brian was so good. He was so patient and conscientious – I was so impressed. He fixed our TVs and a few other things too! Thank you so much!

Maria J., Lake St. Louis, MO:

Jeff helped us so much! All of our TVs and computers are up and running and he was so incredibly patient with us- WOW! Lovely man—we really like working with him and we’ll call you again when the next crisis occurs.

Marie B., Ellisville, MO:

Jeff was the most pleasant and professional computer person I have ever encountered. He’s knocking down the glitches in our home system. And I look forward to tackling more items soon. Thank you so much, Dede

Lynn Y., Town and Country, MO:

Jeff was beyond fantastic! Thank you for sending him.

Peter W., St. Louis, MO:

Jeff was great! He moved me along on many fronts and helped with a number of issues – many of which needed to be done for a long time. Thank you for sending him!

Dan S., Chesterfield, MO:

Thanks again for the great service, Dede!

Lisa S., Ladue, MO:

Dede, Jeff is FABULOUS!! He juggled my questions and my (93 year old) mother in law with great humor and solved all her computer troubles too!

Jan P., Creve Coeur, MO:

Jeff was fabulous! He was just terrific! Your company is outstanding—I love you guys and I’m so glad I found you!

Anna N., Ladue, MO:

Dede, Jeff is terrific!! He is much nicer and much more patient than (previous employee). And, he’s willing to teach people who aren’t tech savvy, like me. Net net, a real improvement!!

Dr. Charlene J., Clayton, MO:

Dede, please enjoy this bouquet of flowers and hug yourself and the guys for always being there for me. Charlene

Christine F., Warson woods, MO:

Dede, I am going to call him ‘Dr. Jeff.’ He cured my anxiety and depression caused by the internet! I am good to go! I will highly recommend you guys to others when I hear their tales of woe.

JoAnn S., Ladue, MO:

Jeff was marvelous.. Very patient, explained everything clearly. So happy with our new contact.

Meg T., Kirkwood, MO:

Dede, I just had to call and tell you what a great, great job Jeff did. He really did a dynamite job the other night – he just worked his butt off! I appreciate him going the extra mile—and I do mean mile. Thank you so much!

Barb U., Creve Coeur, MO:

Hi Dede, I just wanted to tell you that Jeff was just wonderful! A perfect balance of friendly and efficient. What a kind, spectacular, lovely guy—I think I’m in love!! He explained everything so well. I’d have him back any time to fix anything! Thank you so much – I appreciate all that you do.

Marilyn A., Chesterfield, MO:

Brian is THE BEST and so patient!

Chris P., Clayton, MO:

Jeff was GREAT! So helpful.Thank you.

Dr. Milton R., Creve Coeur, MO:

Jeff is really outstanding. He did a tremendous job troubleshooting. He truly is THE guy.

Tom M., Ballwin, MO:

Brian did a great job. He’s so patient and he fixed everything for us. Thank you so much, Dede

Betsy K., Clayton, MO:

Hi Dede, I just wanted to shout out a big thanks! Jeff was wonderful. He did so many things for me and got everything working – I can’t believe it! He’s just such a nice young man. Thank you for such wonderful service and thank you for sending Jeff!

Mark A., Brentwood, MO:

Dede, a quick note to let you know that after Jeff’s visit I am a very satisfied customer and will be happy to recommend you to others. He was very efficient, knowledgeable and easy to work with! Thanks.

John M., Brentwood, MO:

Jeff was excellent today! We very much appreciate his vast expertise. He is fantastic in all ways!
Thank you. Thank you.

Marilyn M., Creve Coeur, MO:

Hi Dede, I just wanted to tell you that Jeff came over yesterday afternoon and was so helpful.  What a pleasant person and he is and so patient with both Ben and me. He helped us both and sometimes that
can be a challenge with us! Anyway, thought I would let you know what a nice person….and capable…you have hired.

Stephanie R., Clayton, MO:

Hi Dee Dee, Sanford did a great job. I like him and he can come here anytime! Thanks for sending him so quickly! And, Dede, you are a Lifeline. I’m so grateful!!

Bud W., Richmond Heights, MO:

Dede, it is always nice to be able to recommend someone as good as you all to a friend and have all of the confidence to know they will be satisfied!

Dr. Pam P., Webster Groves, MO:

Hi Dede, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed using the cords you recommended today. Some friends and I streamed a live performance and being able to view it on my TV was great! Again, thanks always for all your help!

Jennifer M., Clayton, MO:

Dede, Jeff did a great job the other day. Thank you!

Stan P., University City, MO:

You ‘guys’ are the best! Thank you!

Derick D., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, just wanted to tell you that Brian did a great job. He was very pleasant, patient and knowledgeable and we will look forward to having him back again soon.

Gerry H., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, I wanted to let you know that Sanford did a very good job for us. We’re very happy.

Peggy F., Warson Woods, MO:

Hi Dede, Jeff was great. He had everything up and running in no time.

Arthur H., Ladue, MO:

Dede, Jeff is really good and has been very, very helpful.

Marvin S., Creve Coeur, MO:

Dede, …Jeff was great….thank you!

Anne C., Ladue, MO:

Dede, Jeff and I had a very successful work day. He really did a great job and he fixed everything. I’m very happy and would like to set up more sessions with him as soon as possible. This has really been a great day!

Bud W., Ladue, MO:

Thanks Sanford, you are a great guy to have on my IT team. In fact, you ARE my IT team!Thanks for all of your help and advice.

Barb and Larry S., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, Jeff just left and Larry and I want to tell you how impressed we were with his ability to fix our problems and also what a great guy who has such a great personality who also is a great computer person.That’s wonderful. We will be asking for Jeff in the years ahead and thank you for sending him out to us.

Ned B., St. Louis, MO:

Dede I just wanted to call you and tell you that Jeff just left — he’s really a great guy and he did a great job! I’m a super happy customer and I’ll call you with the next computer problem.

Sherry M., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede – yay, it worked! Thank you so much. You are our computer gurus – we’ll never use anybody else but you and your company. Thank you so much!

Carol J., Frontenac, MO:

Dede, your friend Jeff was just here and he was wonderful! Thank you for all your help.

Sarah L., Ladue, MO:

Thanks so very much for timely and competent help and advice!

Carol C., Creve Coeur, MO:

Dede, I loved Jeff! He was so helpful. Thank you so much! I will call my friends who use you and tell them to ask for Jeff too!

Bob L., PhD., Kirkwood, MO:

Jeff did an amazing job! We’re really very happy!

Pam W., Kirkwood, MO:

Jeff did a really great job. I’m so happy and I need him back soon for a lot more stuff!

Peggy M., Clayton, MO:

Dede, I just called to tell you how much I like Jeff! He’s so patient and accommodating and easy to work with. Thanks again.

Margaret F., Glendale, MO:

Jeff is terrific! Thank you so much for sending him!

Tobie C., Ballwin, MO:

Jeff was here and I want you to know he was wonderful! He was patient, he was very basic with the info needed at whatever level I felt I needed. Thanks again Dede – Jeff was just wonderful to work with.

Brooks P., Ladue, MO:

Jeff is fantastic!

John G., Chesterfield, MO:

Everything went great and very smoothly the other night with Jeff. I was going to write a review for your website but I’m not sure how because I don’t want to go through next door and all that. So I just want you to know how pleased I am with your service.

Genie B., Chesterfield, MO:

I really like Jeff, Dede. He did a wonderful job.

Donald B., M.D., Ladue, MO:

Everything went extremely smoothly with Brian. He is excellent and very easy to understand. I was trying to figure out how to do a review on your website but could not figure out how to do it without perhaps joining that on whatever neighborhood thing and I didn’t feel like getting into all that. Is there a way to write a review somewhere, I would be glad to! Thanks again, Don

Karen B., Ballwin, MO:

Jeff was fabulous and fixed my problems.  My 93 year old Mom will be using him soon:)

Bill L., Sunset Hills, MO:

Jeff is great! He’s patient and he explains what he’s doing. I’m very happy.

Jan F., Chesterfield, MO:

We really appreciated Jeff’s help and restoring our computer. He made a difficult situation tolerable. Thanks again for your company and all you do. You are at the top of our list to anyone who needs your services.

Christine D., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, I love your company…you’re great!

Theresa W., Webster Groves, MO:

It is truly a comfort to have your great service. Last week we referred one of my husband’s former colleagues to you. Hopefully Martha gets in touch with you soon.

Harriet E., Town and Country, MO:

You and your team are THE BEST in all ways!

Gail J., Chesterfield, MO:

We just had Jeff here and found him to be so helpful and diligent in his efforts to solve our issues. We look forward to working with him again!

Larry V., Chesterfield, MO:

I love my new computer that Sanford built for me. Thank you!

Anabeth W., St. Louis, MO:

Jeff was kind, patient and very helpful.

Jeanie B., Olivette, MO:

Everything went well with Sanford today –he’s great! Thx Dede

Dr. John D., Ladue, MO:

Sanford was great! Quite a character! Thanks, Dede!

Maria J., Lake St. Louis, MO:

Jeff is really good. I’m super happy.

Anne C., Ladue, MO:

Big compliments for Jeff. –Very patient, organized and logical. Thank you.

Linda B., Ballwin, MO:

Hi, Dede, just wanted to thank you for writing the article “A Close Call: Protect Your Computer, Privacy and Finances” published in the fall edition of County Living. I’m so
glad I found your service – you guys are great!!

Bill E., Ladue, MO:

Dede, your company is amazing! Absolutely amazing! I am blown away. Thank you so much. I’ll get your card around to everybody. Thanks again.

Bill L., Sunset Hills, MO:

Jeff was, as usual, prompt, professional and got the problem fixed ! HE IS THE BEST !!

Martha M., Brentwood, MO:

Thanks for sending Jeff, Dede! He’s fantastic!!

Karen B., Chesterfield, MO:

Dede, Jeff did a terrific job! Thank you!

Patrick K., St. Louis, MO:

Hi Dede, the install went great and Jeff did a fantastic job! I would highly recommend your company and Jeff to a colleague or friend. Thanks again!

Barb and Jim H., Ballwin, MO:

Dede, thank you so much for all you do for us and for so many! ( and also for not making us feel stupid!). We are so grateful to you.

Gene G., Olivette, MO:

Brian was great and took care of us Boomers!

Theresa W., Webster, MO:

Once again, Sanford did a fabulous job in converting us to Outlook today.  We are most grateful for the great service.  I will close out the old email by the weekend.  When my webcam arrives in a couple of weeks, Sanford will help me set that up with Zoom.  I look forward to working with him again.

Melissa H., Kirkwood, MO:

I just want you to know that I’m crazy about your service!

Pam P., Webster, MO:

Dede, Thanks so much for all your help recently. It has really been rendered in a quick and painless fashion!

Maralin F., Clayton, MO:

Thanks, Dede. You have been amazing!

Ed B., Webster, MO:

Thank you for your call, Dede. Everything worked as per your suggestions. I appreciate it. Great service from Computer Tutors and great service from you. Thanks again, Dede.

Carmen H., Town and Country, MO:

Hey Dede, I just wanted to let you know that Brian did a great job! Highly recommend him. He was very professional, nice, was very knowledgeable. He hooked up some Google wifi thing and did a great job and was very informative. I really appreciate your sending him out. He was great and I just thought you should know that.

Sara T., Webster, MO:

My computer is very happy. I am grateful for your assistance in fitting me into the schedule.  Thank you!

Arthur H., Ladue, MO:

Hi Dede – Sanford is great – figured out the problem and asked if he could stay while I called Charter which if he hadn’t, it would not have gotten resolved. Thanks for fitting me in and BTW, half of the people at the holiday party are clients of yours!

Maura M., Warson Woods, MO:

Hey Dede, I did what you said and it worked!! Thank you so much I really appreciate it – you’re the best and I’m so glad I found you!

Bob G., Maryland Heights, MO:

Hi Dede, I just wanted to thank you for setting this up with Sanford, we had a very enjoyable visit, it was a pleasant morning and thank you very much!

Laura W., Webster, MO:

Dear Dede, Thank you for making a HUGE difference in my day–you have made what seemed like an insurmountable task doable. I have been putting off the purchase of a new laptop or tablet and a printer because it just seemed like too much to take on–your can-do response and your comment about my knowing what I need made me feel that I can do this! Thank you for turning around a day that looked like it was headed completely downhill—I will call you as soon as I buy the new computer and printer so you all can set everything up.

Cathy S., Town and Country, MO:

The minute have a computer problem or question I text either the owner of Computer tutors or my technician directly and they are on it immediately. They’re great!

Anne R., St. Louis City, MO:

Dede, I just wanted you to know that Sanford was great! He fixed my phone, he fixed my email AND he even helped me order a new ice filter for my refrigerator!! –Worth every penny! Thank you so much!

Joan M., Chesterfield, MO:

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Brian’s service Thursday evening. He arrived promptly (even a little early) and fixed the problem — installed a new driver and got me back out into the wide world of communication. I’m probably due for a new laptop (it’s running VERY SLOWLY and the keys are falling off the board), and he gave me some very good advice about what to look for when I buy one. A pleasure doing business with you!

Derick D., Chesterfield, MO:

Brian was a great help to both of us…many thanks.

Shirley S., Clayton, MO:

Hi Sanford, all call notes have been cancelled. Everything’s working with phones we installed, and we are very pleased. I’m still working on getting the hang of voice mail messages, but the answering part is working great. THANKS, SANFORD! YOU’RE THE BEST!

Bill B., Town and Country, MO:

Hi Dede, you are fantastic! You are a living doll! Everything works—the printer works—you saved my marriage! Hey thank you, we’ll get a full clean up soon. Thanks again, Dede, you’re wonderful

Beverly P., St. Louis, MO:

Thanks Dede, I am always eager to receive information about my computer or things to do on my computer. I never call any other company than Computer Tutors. You are always ready to help and do it ASAP. Always do your best to fit me into the schedule. Brian was here last week and worked hard and fast to get my computer up and running. He did an excellent job, as always. He has been working on my computer for a long time now and I am comfortable with him coming in my home, sharing passwords with him, etc. I trust him and know he will always do his best.
Thank you D

Jane H., Town and Country, MO:

Computer Tutors is a friendly, competent, and reliable computer service that we have used for years. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Cindy G., Fenton, MO:

Thanks, as always for the amazing customer service!

Jeff S., D.D.S., Clayton, MO:

You guys are the best. I recommend you whenever possible. 🙂

Laura B., Weldon Springs, MO:

My experiences with computer tutors has ALWAYS been terrific… helpful in every way.

Phyllis T., Chesterfield, MO:

Thank you. Brian is excellent he is most helpful.

Fran D., Town and Country, MO:

Dear Sanford, our friend, Mr. Newberry, wrote that he was very pleased that you resolved all his issues and was happy with the recommendations you made. Thanks for taking care of him!!!

Barbara R., Clayton, MO:

All good. Brian is excellent!

Steve T., St. Louis City, MO:

Dede, I just wanted to compliment your services and the fact that you sent the gentleman out here as quickly as you did. I was very impressed. He took charge and did an absolutely wonderful job. It was actually entertaining! I’ll be in touch I just wanted to say thank you and you can expect a return call from me.

John H., Clayton, MO:

Dede: I would like to express my gratitude to your company and especially Sanford! After a week of problems, he was able to get us up and going for business on Monday. Thank you.

Phyllis T., Chesterfield, MO:

Brian is a great tutor. Thanks so much for sending him. I will have more questions I’m sure.

B.J.M., St. Louis, MO:

Computer Tutors are great! They can respond quickly to computer problems and have worked many hours ’til everything is fixed to our satisfaction. Karen and I have worked with them to help us iron out numerous glitches that come with upgrading equipment and software over many years. We’ve found their suggestions for backup systems to be quite useful. Karen doesn’t want to lose any of her pictures – she scans in family photos that go back several generations. See Dede’s website for more information.

Ginny P., Arnold, MO:

Dede, I just wanted to let you know – Sanford did an awesome job this morning setting up my new computer! Everything is working great. I’ve never seen a computer setup go so fast and easy. Sanford is a keeper! Please tell him how much I appreciated his services, and his patience with me! Thanks. I’ve already told a friend that I would strongly recommend Computer Tutors and Sanford for any computer problems.

Barb W., Maryland Heights, MO:

Dede I just want you to know Brian is really, really competent and a really, really nice person. I’m very happy. Thanks so much.

Barbara F., Town & Country, MO:

Hi Dede, Sanford was here and we loved him…Extremely personable and oozing with knowledge! He fixed our problem and also gave us additional information about improvements to the TV and computers…Very nice man…

Pat N., Webster Groves, MO:

–You even found stuff I thought I deleted years ago. Thanks! This is great, Sanford!

Mark E., Chesterfield, MO:

I just wanted to tell you that Brian was at our house last night and he’s great; just terrific. I really enjoyed working with him.

Anne S., Ladue, MO:

Everything with my new computer is going great and I was very impressed with Sanford. Thank you so much.

Judy P., Clayton, MO:

Perfection!!! You are wonderful! Again, you have been my life preserver. 🙂

Beverly P., St. Louis, MO:

–Super Man to work with. He is kind and patient. Brian really knows computers.

Steve A., University City, MO:

This is great. You are just what I needed, Henry.

Barbara M., Clayton, MO:

Just wanted to let you know, Brian is an absolute gem. We enjoyed so much meeting him and he helped so very much. Just wanted to let you know and to thank you for sending him.

Charlene W., St. Louis City, MO:

Dede, thank you. I look forward to telling people what a great service you are when it is needed and I really appreciate your professionalism no matter what state your customers might be calling you in. Thank you again.

Mary G., Ballwin, MO:

I had dropped my computer and after that, it was not working at all. It also was very slow before the drop, & shut down frequently. I suspected it was infected. Now it functions better than it ever had! I left my computer with Dede on a Friday, and her tech, Brian, delivered it to my home on Monday. Brian set it up, reconnected to my wi fi, and showed me a few items. I was very pleased with the entire experience. I love my computer now!

Bob G., Maryland Heights, MO:

I couldn’t be happier with the new tiny computer and with Brian’s performance and patience. He’s a great representative for your company.

Ada C., St. Louis City, MO:

Thanks so much for your very efficient computer service on Wednesday evening. I would like to compliment your representative tutor, Brian Smith in getting our computers, and printer fax up and running with what seemed like a minimum of effort. Brian is excellent. Thank you.

Shirley S., Clayton, MO:

Sanford: thank you for the advice, for setting me up, for fixing my printer, for always being there!

Kathy G., St. Louis, MO:

Thank you so much for setting my appointment w/Brian. I just got my computer back and I’m very happy! Brian was very professional and fixed my problems. He also explained in detailed what he fixed and how to avoid the same problems in the future. Thanks again!

Jeannie S., Weldon Springs, MO:

I want to commend you and the company. Brian, the guy who came here, was absolutely wonderful. He was just wonderful. He helped me a lot and didn’t patronize me. He was terrific.

Barb C., Glendale, MO:

Thanks Dede. Sanford did a great job! I do like chatting and catching up with him. He also helped with the damn cable box we all need now (Charter). Thanks for being so helpful and prompt.

Christina D., Brentwood, MO:

Sanford just left. He is the most amazing young man. He got my phone working; he got my printer going with both my antique computers. He’s wonderful. Thank you so much for your service.

Cindy G., Fenton, MO:

Thank you so very much! –Very, very pleased with the service. –Already recommending!

Corinne and Ralph D., Ladue, MO:

Thanks so much! I was so confused and irritated about this new modem. You saved the day. I never know the safe way to answer these questions and it stresses me out. I am so glad you were there to answer the phone. Now maybe I can relax and enjoy this weekend in Florida. I was planning to do a lot of stuff on the computer so you have saved the day! Thanks from both of us!!

Barb C., Glendale, MO:

Sanford, thank you for always being so willing to help me out. Gratefully, Barb.

Harriet E., Town and Country, MO:

Dede thanks a lot! You are the best!

Nancy and Alan C., Creve Coeur, MO:

I strongly recommend using Computer Tutors. Whenever I call the owner I get a call back immediately. We usually can get the appointment within a day or so. If the tech is running late, we get a call. The tech never rushes us. The best part about using Computer Tutors is the techs talk in regular language making it easy for us to understand and always gets our problem fixed. The tech shows us new ways to deal with our computer issues too.

Jeannie S., Weldon Springs, MO:

Brian did a great job! Thank you so much.

Sharon and Richard M., Town and Country, MO:

Very professional help, my husband and I are not very computer literate.

Scott M., Ladue, MO:

Complete diagnosis of computer software issues, discovered and resolved issues, removal of add-on tool bars, viruses to enhance computer performance. Installed free security programs which enhanced existing security also, added one moderately priced application that has proven to prevent a repeat of security issues I was having. On time, professional, courteous, suggestions were excellent, explained exactly what was doing, was extremely patient and thorough in answering my numerous questions. Do not waste your time and money calling any other in-home computer service. I have tried numerous and this is by far the best! Follow up after visit, extremely receptive and open to answer any questions in addition have made other low cost recommendations to me for back up storage rather than paying them to do it. I will go back when needed to and recommend to anyone. Poor service lurks around the corner everywhere, but not here. Computer Tutors, knows great service! Just try once and guarantee you will be satisfied and recommend to friends. They are worth every dollar you spend. The price is lower than you expect and anyone else I have encountered and more competitive.

Joanie H., Ladue, MO:

Thanks, Dede! Brian is wonderful! –Goes above and beyond!

Teresa W., Webster Groves, MO:

We love Brian!! Thank you so much for sending him over!!

Jerry R., Clayton, MO:

My computer problem is always solved, if not on first visit, return visits free of charge. Proposals are always accurate & service is always prompt & professional.

Fran D., Town and Country, MO:

Hi Sanford, Thanks for all you did this morning to get us synchronized!!! You are a Whiz. I was able to change the mail on the iMac in iPhoto from iCloud to Outlook. Now I can share pictures/documents. A success story!! ; )

Mary F., Chesterfield, MO:

Brian was GREAT and I thank you so much for the service.

Fran D., Town and Country, MO:

Resolved issues from upgrade of systems. Arrived on time. Tech was courteous & professional. Resolved all issues in a reasonable time.

Val T., Ladue, MO:

Sanford, You SAINT! I don’t know how we’d get by without your help. Thank you!!

Thomas E., Frontenac, MO:

Resolved software issues with my desktop computer (cleaned registry, etc.). Sanford was prompt (10 minutes early, in fact), polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. Very professional and informative.

Pat V., Maryland Heights, MO:

Sanford, Thank you so much. We are finished. Everything is working great including Salon Biz. I am very happy. Sanford came to our office and installed the new computer and copied all the information from the old computer to the new computer. We had a very old program on a very old computer and he was able to put Windows XP into Windows 7 to download and run this program. It was a miracle. We thought the information would surely be lost but he got it loaded and working perfectly. He copied all our documents from the old computer to the new. He even went with us to get a new printer so we would know the right one for our budget. He made sure everything was working before he left that day. I don’t know what we would do without him!

Jane H., Town and Country, MO:

COMPUTER TUTORS performed routine maintenance, some computer glitches, program installation, etc. Service is always excellent.

Dee V., St. Louis, MO:

Updated many areas that needed to be performed, answered all questions, very professional and very pleased with appointment. Will call again as needed to receive additional training.

Mary P., Richmond Heights, MO:

My hard drive crashed in the middle of an important report. Sanford replaced the hard drive and I didn’t lose a thing. I was in a panic when my hard drive crashed, as I was in the middle of an important report. I called Dede and Sanford arrived within 15 minutes and had a new hard drive installed and everything transferred within 1 hour. I was back to working on my report without having lost any information, or anything on my hard drive. I have been working with Computer Tutors for more than 10 years and they are always responsive and get the job done right, with minimal interruption to my work. I rely on them to keep my computer systems up to date and running correctly. I highly recommend their work!

Michelle D., Wildwood, MO:

Sanford was able to assign a new outgoing server, shaped up my Outlook mailbox and contacts and installed iCloud. This company is very responsive, extremely friendly on the phone and prompt!

Bill F., St. Louis, MO:

I had problem with an older laptop computer that I was still using to produce a majority of the engineering design drawings for my small structural engineering consulting firm. It was important for me to continue to do work on this machine so that I could concentrate on the engineering design and not the functioning of the computer or software. Another computer repair firm, which I had worked with before in the past, advised me that the motherboard was “probably” the problem, and that a replacement for a machine of this age was not going to be available. An internet search revealed that this was not necessarily the case, and after a few more unsatisfactory telephone conversations with the first firm, I turned to Computer Tutors, on the advice of a friend. Computer Tutors set up an appointment promptly and met me and my computer at the appointed time and place – no problem. They were able to find basically the exact same model of laptop in barely-used condition and within a reasonable geographic distance. Their solution was to swap the hard drive from my original machine with the drive from the barely-used replacement, and return what was essentially a newer machine with all the old software and data from my old computer. It was really as if no problem had ever existed in the original laptop, and I was able to get back to business without the need for a “learning curve” on a new machine/software on the same day I received the “repaired” machine. I was entirely satisfied with the solution devised by Computer Tutors – I am still using that laptop today, more than a year later!

Peggy F., Warson Woods, MO:

Computer Tutors was able to diagnose connectivity issues we had been having for months. After trouble shooting for a short time, the problem was correctly diagnosed and solved. Then when we decided to switch internet providers, Computer Tutors came out and served as our advocate during the installation of the new cable service, helped us identify the best point of installation for the cable, configured our computer plus enabled us to have wireless networking throughout the house. Before we called Computer Tutors, we went through months of frustrating calls with AT&T with no positive solution. Since Computer Tutors became involved, problems were quickly and correctly addressed and now our system is running perfectly. They followed up to make sure everything was running well. And they made recommendations that might help us avoid problems in the future. At the same time, they remain aware of costs, and recommend the most cost effective option, even if it means less for them. I really appreciate and trust them. I highly recommend Computer Tutors! We were having connectivity issues with our computer. We kept getting kicked off the internet and didn’t know why. for months we went back to AT&T to determine what was causing the problem and how to fix it. We were unsure if the cause was AT&T’s line or our computer. So finally we called Computer Tutors. They looked at the problem from all sides and determined that we had a faulty router (which had been recently replaced by AT&T) . But some problems with the phone line were also suspected. So computer Tutors installed a new router and a surge protector for the phone line as well as the computer equipment. They had everything up and running within a couple of hours. We then decided to change from AT&T to Charter. Computer Tutors came out during the installation of the cable to make sure we understood the choices we were being asked to make about where to install the equipment and where to run wires, etc. They also installed a wireless card and wireless router. During our entire interaction with them, they were punctual, professional, extremely knowledgeable, efficient and nice.

Sandra G., Clayton, MO:

We had one computer that crashed. He fixed that. Checked another computer and advised immediate replacement. We did that. He came back and set up the new computer. He is very professional throughout and we enjoy having him because he doesn’t make us feel too stupid! See above. The experience was very good.

Charlie F., Town & Country, MO:

Set up a completely new desk top system. Despite a major equipment problem transferring data from the old hard drive, Grant successfully completed the job.

Steve G., M.D., Town and Country, MO:

Sanford is consistently helpful. And, I’ve come to appreciate his humor and demeanor. I really do trust his advice. An acquired taste, I admit, but I plan staying with his service.

Bill H., Ladue, MO:

If I were having computer issues Computer Tutors is the only place I would turn for help. I’ve never been disappointed in service given at a reasonable price.

Carl H., Chesterfield, MO:

He first asked me a lot of questions to identify possible causes of the problem. He found the problem and had the replacement part in his car which was very helpful as it saved us both a lot of time. He also ‘cleaned up’ my computer for faster access to the internet. He answered computer questions not related to this problem” “friendly, helpful, top notch quality of work, quick to respond.

Cathy S., Town and Country, MO:

My wireless connection wasn’t working. They came over and fixed it. I know nothing about computers, I love them when they are working and I find them very frustrating when they don’t. Computer tutor tries to talk me through the problem over the phone (free) and if we can’t solve the problem over the phone they send someone over to my house to fix it. They do a great job; they are prompt friendly and professional. They always fix the problem. I have purchased computers from them as well as had them help me with problems. They are great.

Susan B., St. Louis, MO:

Software/Hardware Troubleshooting- determined it was an internal Desktop Power Supply that shorted. Put in a new Power Supply which worked. Then unable to get on to the Internet so had to work to get the Pitney Bowles meter machine, printer, Google and hook into AT & T. It was a good experience. I called Computer Tutors. DeDe asked me to do some things to try to evaluate over the phone. (She was very patient with me since I am not a computer techy). She was able to determine that it could be one of two things wrong, power supply or hard drive crash. She asked how long I would be at work (It was 2:15, I leave at 3) I told her I would stay if she could get someone in. She put me on hold, called her technician. She came back and said he was finishing up a job and he could get there in about 40 minutes. I told her I would stay. Sanford arrived in about 30 minutes with a new power supply. He greeted me and immediately got on the floor and got to work. It was the power supply, but then he had difficulty with AT & T, Internet log-on. All lights were on indicating Internet access but now allowing him to access. After about 20 minutes, he had it figured out. Not being a computer techy the thing I really was appreciative of was that he tested all of the equipment twice, postage meter, printer, send an email from his phone, asked Google a question, etc. He didn’t want to leave until I was assured that everything was perfect. I could not have asked for better service.

Cheryl B., Kirkwood, MO:

Semi-yearly checkup and connected my new iPhone 5 to my laptop. Checked for viruses and added another year of Carbonite. He arrived on time and everything was taken care of correctly and in a professional manner. I was very pleased with the results.

Stephanie S., Town and Country, MO:

Helped to get the Direct TV Whole-Home programs up and running. The Direct TV representative could not get it to connect to internet and Computer Tutor was able to do Direct TV’s job. Sanford was great in getting the system up and making sure everything was functioning properly. I called them in the morning and they were here by 1:00 p.m. that afternoon.

Lauren L., Ladue, MO:

He was here about 3 hours. He was very thorough. Fixed things that were beyond what I had originally called for. I really appreciated that. No need to set up another appointment. He had necessary supplies, no need to go to store and purchase what was causing issues. (Router, etc.)

Jane G., Clayton, MO:

Installing new Norton software and erasing skopeo listing for me. Prompt service appointment and quickly did all tasks asked to do. Very keen that all my needs were met.

Susan D., St. Louis, MO:

I hired Computer Tutors to build a new laptop computer for me. They helped me choose the proper hardware for my specialized needs, which include computer-aided drafting. They loaded new, up-to-date software for me, and helped me load software that I already owned. They helped me switch from residential DSL service to commercial internet service through my cable provider. They helped me test the internet, email, and printer connections. They were several trips involved for Sanford Rabushka of Computer Tutors. He spoke with me over the phone in advance to plan the work. He did some basic computer setup. He guided me through the steps of securing the new internet service. He came back to complete more setup, software loading and testing. He made another trip to accompany to another office where I sometimes work on the company network. He made it possible for that company’s network to talk to my new laptop without any glitches. I have used Computer Tutors many times before. They have built several computer systems for me over the years. They have done the same for my senior-citizen mother, and they have done a great job of introducing her to new technology without letting it overwhelm her. They have helped us to keep our systems up-to-date. Mom and I have few computer skills beyond using software to work or play. We’ve learned, by experience, that it is well worth our time and money to hire Computer Tutors rather than risk messing things up on our own. Every time I needed to schedule Sanford’s visits he was very flexible and accommodating. Dede Catsavis, the owner of Computer Tutors has always been equally easy-to-reach, responsive, and willing to help with minor problem-solving over the phone. My latest project with Computer Tutors did not go without snags, of course. I found it difficult to deal with the people at the DSL provider’s company – the company I was switching away from. Sanford, who is acquainted with the staff there, helped with the communications so that the DSL people gave me better cooperation. Sanford also was part of the conversations with my new internet service provider. He educated me in advance about the rates I would pay. He explained internet and cable lingo – which is like a foreign language to me – and he even got on the phone with them himself to make sure that the technical details were going to be in order. I appreciate that he and Dede can talk with me in layman’s language. Sanford also exhibited great patience when I created a problem during software reloading. I took it upon myself to reload Microsoft Office on my own. What could go wrong? Things did indeed go wrong. When he arrived, he helped me out of my problem – and if he was thinking that I was a dummy, he concealed those thoughts perfectly. Sanford never gives up on the testing and checking until everything works. And even after he is gone, and I discover that some additional quirk has popped up that I can’t handle, he talks with me over the phone and troubleshoots.

Derick D., Ladue, MO:

Description of Work: Updates on 2 different computers and instructions on a number of items we had questions on. Excellent work. We have them update our various computer programs every six months. In addition we had a list of questions that ranged from how to increase the size if the font to some more technical questions such as how to switch from on printer to another. Instruction s were given in full and understandable.


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